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Become a CLE instructor and earn CLE credits for free!

Advantage Legal Seminars is looking for experienced attorneys to join our CLE staff and record programs on all areas and aspects of the law.

If you enjoy what you do and believe you can communicate to other attorneys about different aspects of the law, join us today!

The Rewards of Teaching

How Does it Work?

Advantage Legal Seminars makes it simple to teach! We'll help you select a law topic and put together your outline. Next, we'll schedule a recording engineer to come by your office - at your convenience. Last, we'll produce your course and submit it for CLE credit approval.

What Are My Teaching Options?

Choose a topic that you know and understand, inside and out. Next, make sure the topic you choose would be of interest to others. Preparation should be quick and easy if you follow these 2 simple suggestions.

How Do I Start?

To begin, call 1-888-267-6097 and ask to speak with Rick Goodman. He'll get you started and guide you through the process!

Join Advantage Legal Seminars today ! Call us at 1- 888- 267- 6034 to get started!