Public Works


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Flood Control, Storm Water and the Law
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Utilizing Bonds to Finance Public Projects
Learn the types of financing available in the tax-exempt market, mechanics of tax-exempt financing and legal and securities law issues to consider. This on-demand webinar will focus on when and how a governmental entity might consider tax-exempt financing including public/privat...
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Bikeway Design Principles, Planning, and Best Practices
Discover how communities have increased bicycle ridership by utilizing basic design principles of conventional and alternative bikeways. Bicycling is gaining popularity in the United States as a recreational activity and a utilitarian mode of transportation. By expanding their b...
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The ABC's of PPPs-A Primer on Public Private Contracts
Learn about typical models for public private contracts, and the advantages, disadvantages and risks associated with them. This on-demand webinar will provide you with an introduction into this new project structure which has increased in use over the past several years from maj...
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Roundabouts: Planning, Design and Potential Pitfalls
Learn and understand the principles of safety behind the modern roundabout as well as specific design practices with simple and complex issues. Although roundabouts have proven safety and operational benefits, proper planning and engineering design is essential for roundabouts t...
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Private Access to Public Rights-of-Way
Increase your proficiency in the private use of rights-of-ways with best practices from seasoned professionals in the field. You will be provided a useful introduction to the challenges facing local governments as more private providers seek to use the public rights-of-way for a...
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