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Technology and the Common Core Classroom: A Marriage of Necessity
Are our classrooms ready for the technology demands of the Common Core? With an understanding of the pedagogy of technology in Common Core instruction and assessment, educators can strategically plan activities that will engage learners and deepen their learning through the use o...
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Identifying and Teaching Gifted Students
Many teachers do not understand how to either identify or teach academically talented or highly creative students. Many educators have not had the opportunity to learn how to modify or differentiate instruction or curriculum or develop programming opportunities to challenge stud...
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Common Core Standards: Designing Lesson Plans
The Common Core Standards have been implemented throughout the United States and raise the expectations for students, teachers and administrators. In order to ensure that children are college and career ready, education professionals must understand what it takes to address the n...
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Impact of Online Learning
School districts nationally and globally are realizing the need to offer students online learning opportunities. Introduction and implementation of a nontraditional learning method can be a daunting task for educators and school districts. This on-demand webinar will provide pote...
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Project-Based Learning
Order this on-demand webinar and learn how to increase the depth of student learning in many curricular areas by moving toward student-directed inquiry on academic topics in which students develop their understanding through the completion of in-depth projects. Many student proje...
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