Flood Control, Storm Water and the Law

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Date: 2013-12-18
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Overview: Storm Water and Flooding as Excess Water Management

Responsibilities and Liabilities for Damage Prevention

Legal Doctrines, Theories, and Practices for Storm Water and Flood Control

Government Levels and Responsibilities for Storm Water and Flood Control

Storm Water and Flood Industries and Interest Groups

Organization and Finance of Storm Water Programs

Storm Water and the Clean Water Act

Storm Water, Land Development and LID

Storm Water Management Trends and Emerging Issues

History of Major Flood Disasters and Chronology of Responses

Flood Insurance Program: Functions, Opportunities and Challenges

Recent Large Scale Flooding: Examples From Major Events Like Katrina and Sandy

Current Politics of Flood Insurance: Dilemma of Rising Rates

Property Damage and Liability

Floods, Wildfires and Natural Disasters; Types of Floods

Storm Water, Flooding, and Transportation Systems

Flood Control Dams and Risks, Dam Safety

Quantification of Damages and Loss Mitigation, Including Social Losses and Victims

Emergency Management

Future Issues and Challenges: Climate Change, Sea Level Rise

Flood Science, Models and Predictions

Selected Cases: Brief Discussion

New Thinking About Flood Control and Mitigation and Suggested Further Information


Professor Neil S. Grigg, Colorado State University


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This live webinar is designed for engineers, public works and utilities directors, government officials, planners, construction and project managers, presidents, vice presidents, business owners and managers, environmental professionals, developers, surveyors, contractors and architects.

Flood Control, Storm Water and the Law

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Date: 2013-12-18
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