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Key Strategies for Real Estate Attorneys
In this audio seminar, Brad D. Rabinowitz, Esq., a partner in the New York City law firm of Akabas & Sproule, will address key areas and special challenges that confront the real estate attorney in a volatile and often-changing marketplace.
Our price: $177.00

Negotiate to Win: The Art of Successful Negotiation
In this audio conference, you will the learn the process of win-win negotiation, active listening skills, negotiation communication skills, as well as how you can apply this model to your own negotiations.
Our price: $177.00

How To Create A More Productive Legal Practice
In this audio seminar; you will learn how to identify your practice's market share and maximize potential for simplicity; ease and efficiency. Learn how to avoid the common pitfalls in communication and be able to make all your meetings more produ...
Our price: $177.00

Winning Strategies for Dealing with Difficult People
In this audio seminar; learn why it is important to calm upset clients and what leads them to become upset in the first place. Also presented are proven techniques for disarming irrational clients and discover the four personality styles and how t...
Our price: $177.00

Professionalism and Ethics for Today's Law Practice
In this audio seminar; we will address ethical issues in client representation and the various challenges that result from special situations attorneys face. Various topics covered will include dealing with clients with special needs; how to organ...
Our price: $177.00

Family Law Practice - Seven Strategies for Capturing Support
Purchase this dynamic audio CD seminar and earn credits. This seminar shows you how to identify the best techniques for capturing support on behalf of your client. These seven strategies for capturing support give you the tools that you need in or...
Our price: $177.00

The Laws of Persuasion for Trial Attorneys
Purchase this lively and informative audio CD seminar and you'll earn CLE credits. This seminar shows you how to understand the five stages of a trial. You'll discover tools and techniques that will help you select the jury you want. Also includes...
Our price: $177.00

Real Estate Law - Contract Breakers and Deal Makers
When you purchase this dynamic audio CD seminar you'll earn CLE credits. This audio seminar examines the most common contract breakers that can affect your clients' transactions. "Contract Breakers and Deal Makers" focuses on proven strategies to ...
Our price: $177.00

The Art of Mediation
When you purchase this dynamic audio CD seminar you'll earn CLE credits. Attorney Robert Pollock discusses the key elements to effective mediation that contribute to client satisfaction. The tools and techniques discussed will help you to negotiat...
Our price: $177.00

The ABCs of Criminal Defense
When you purchase this dynamic audio CD seminar you'll earn CLE credits. In this 4-CD audio album, Attorney Matthew Konecky discusses the ABCs of Criminal Defense that contribute to successful outcome for attorneys and their clients. The tools and...
Our price: $177.00

Strategies for Achieving Personal Injury Excellence
When you purchase this dynamic audio CD seminar you'll earn CLE credits. In this audio program you will learn proven strategies for achieving personal injury excellence. This program focuses on what it takes to prepare your firm to properly handle...
Our price: $177.00

Tax and Financial Planning for Professional Athletes
As attorneys who work with professional athletes or high profile individuals is important to have an understanding of their unique needs when it comes to financial planning and tax implications. Expert CPA Stephen Werble discusses tax efficient st...
Our price: $47.00